5 Popular Minimalist Bathroom Designs

5 Popular Minimalist Bathroom Designs
Rabu, 08 Mei 2019

5 Popular Minimalist Bathroom Designs - This time we will feature 5 contemporary minimalist bathroom designs, which can give you new inspiration to organize or even remodel them with a new atmosphere. Are you ready to dress your bathroom?

1. Minimalist Style Using Wood Patterned Ceramic Flooring

With a minimalist modern style that is made simple, this bathroom is from an apartment unit with Studio type. At the request of the owner who wanted a bathroom with a clean and bright design, our professionals designed it with a floor display using tiled floors but with wood motifs. Then in the shower area combined with mosaic accents.

This tiny bathroom looks spacious with white selection and places a large mirror on the sink area. Well, so that all toiletries can be well organized, the sink is also equipped with a versatile wooden shelf at the bottom.

2. Minimalist Style with a Touch of Gold

Minimalism is one style that is timeless and always in demand. The simple and modern results of this style produce an attractive bathroom look, our professional design.

White is combined with a touch of gold on the walls of the shower area and bathtub, which makes it look more special. The shower area was given an insulating glass sweetened with flower paintings, then next to it was a large mirror and a marble-accented sink table, which appeared harmonious with a multifunctional wooden shelf at the bottom. Isn't it beautiful?

3. Minimalist Style Appears Fresh with the Presence of Plants

Many people who use plants to decorate the room, is no exception to beautify the appearance of the bathroom. Like this one bathroom that was designed by our professionals, who managed to give a look that was so fresh.
Besides being able to sweeten the room, plants can also help improve air quality in your bathroom, especially for small bathrooms. In addition, the plant will provide a fresh and soothing effect. So don't hesitate to put plants in your bathroom.

4. Glass Reflects Shadows So It Looks Wider

Not much use of decoration or wall lights for decoration, but this bathroom still feels warm thanks to the selection of dim colors.

Of course the bathroom is now not only a place to clean the body, but more in the refreshing area. Well, so that the owner feels relaxed, the key is to choose warm colors on the walls, furniture and floors, which makes this bathroom look more colorful.

Versatile cabinets and sink tables with many drawers are presented to store various equipment. Interestingly, our professionals also use a limiting glass that reflects the shadow of the bathroom, so that it looks wider.

5. Beautiful Scandinavian Style

The bathroom with all-white look is designed in Scandinavian style, which presents a comfortable atmosphere, even though it's small in size.
Designed so functionally by our professionals, even owners can wash in this room. Scandinavian style is synonymous with a simple, bright and clean appearance. Because white is very effective so that the room looks wider.

Well, you can combine white with wood elements, as done by our professionals by putting mirrors with wooden frames and multipurpose shelves. The appearance of the bathroom was even more attractive with decorated unique chandeliers and plant pots.

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