5 Simple Home Design Inspirations Still Keep Character

5 Simple Home Design Inspirations Still Keep Character
Rabu, 08 Mei 2019

5 Simple Home Design Inspirations Still Keep Character - Having a comfortable home is everyone's dream. To make it happen, some people prefer to design their homes with fancy ornaments, but not a few also carry the philosophy of less is more. If you are someone who likes simplicity and wants to have a minimalist home, some of the designs made by our professionals can inspire you to build comfortable dwellings.

The facade is simple but still aesthetic

If you are someone who wants to have a house with a simple facade but still looks chic and modern, this one design might be the right choice. This minimalist style house brings simplicity combined with the dominant wood design details. This wood detail gives the impression of luxury and modern appearance on the facade.

Pastel colors and wall accents to add warmth

The family room is a space full of love and warmth because in this room, all family members will gather and exchange stories. To create a simple family room but still prioritizing family warmth, you can model this one design. Combining pastel and neutral colors evokes a homey feel. Wall-shaped accents can also beautify and add personality. Choose a quote that you like the most or a motivational family motto.

Rustic nuances in the bedroom

Choosing a simple design style does not mean choosing not to consider the aesthetic side of occupancy. You can decorate your bedroom in a simple style, but still look stylish and modern. For example this one design. The bedroom is designed by combining natural elements and neutral colors to create a minimalist impression. You only need one centerpiece that can transform a room into a character room. This one design features a divan made of wood so that the rustic impression can really be raised without having to use a lot of accessories.

Combines functionality and style

Examples of this one central room can give you inspiration if you want a functional room, but still in character. The choice of dominating white will add to the light in the room. White is also a safe color to highlight simplicity. Even so, you have to give character to a simple room. In this case, our professionals use a light bulb and a red cable to give character and color bursts.

A neat kitchen with wood elements

Do you like natural shades and a room full of natural light? This one kitchen design might inspire you. Our professionals combine wood elements with white to create a minimalist and simple impression. Make no mistake, with the right arrangement this combination can revive residential character without the need for excessive decoration.

So, which design shows your character the most?
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