6 Multifunctional and Popular Wardrobe Designs

6 Multifunctional and Popular Wardrobe Designs
Rabu, 08 Mei 2019

6 Multifunctional and Popular Wardrobe Designs - Very important furniture in our homes, it certainly falls on: CABINETS. However, the existence of the wardrobe is now experiencing a variety of new breakthroughs, of course following the development of the times and adapted to our needs, and the shape of the room.

Well, for those of you who are in need of a fresh idea specifically for this one furniture, today we have selected a number of multifunctional and contemporary wardrobe designs.

1. Elegant Wardrobe Room

For those of you who are in need of an interior architect reference, our professional, ARSITEKPEDIA, is ready to help you, especially to design your dream cabinet. Well, today we will invite you to look at various wardrobe designs that are designed directly by ARSITEKPEDIA.

One of our favorites is that this wardrobe room is designed so elegantly with shades of white. Rows of mirrors adorn the wardrobe, where the mirror can be a place to check appearance or make up yourself. Not only is the wardrobe made soaring, the wardrobe room is also equipped with a shoe rack, and the luxurious feel is felt because of the beautiful lights!

Well, from this angle you can see if the wardrobe room has a dressing table, then a special shelf at the top to store a collection of bags, and do not forget the custom table to store various accessories and jewelry, placed in the center of the room. The feel of comfort is also felt, especially with the presence of wood floors, making homeowners feel at home to linger in this wardrobe room.

2. Multifunctional Cabinets in the Relaxing Room

Often confused what kind of wardrobe you want to decorate your lounge? Well, what about the custom cabinets that are made so multifunctional? Very interesting is not the design?

Shades of gray and combined with bright yellow, this minimalist cupboard can store a variety of equipment, and there is also a special shelf to put in a collection of books. Not wanting to waste the empty bottom, our professionals also added a variety of functional shelves.

3. Special Cabinets To Store Footwear

If you usually put your footwear on the shelf all this time, eits ... make no mistake, our professionals have very interesting innovations, where special cabinets are designed to store various footwear.

Ranging from shoes, high heels, sandals, to children's shoes can be stored in this closet. The shape is very unique and does not take much space, so it does not make your room narrow. With a minimalist design, and also a unique form of shelf, this closet will make your shoe collection with your family neatly organized and well organized.

4. Open cabinets for small rooms

Well, for a small room or room, the idea of ​​this one closet is very brilliant! Yup, our professionals turned out to design open cabinets like this, the size of which can be adjusted to the available space.

This custom cupboard is designed with various shelves to put folded clothes as well as hanging clothes. Then comes also a row of drawers, as well as a multifunctional shelf at the top that can be used to store various equipment. A simple but very functional cabinet!

5. Latest Minimalist Wardrobe Models

This latest minimalist wardrobe model is certainly a favorite of many people. Featuring a unified and elegant impression, this sleek cabinet is designed to be functional as a place to store clothes and other important items.

Its presence in this bedroom is truly proportional, especially with the very unique shape of the door, making the appearance of this cabinet so stylish.

It turned out that when it opened this cabinet was very multifunctional with the presence of many shelves and various storage places, and also a place to hang your favorite clothes. This cupboard is still equipped with small drawers and shelves to put shoes. Wow, a versatile wardrobe model.

6. Cabinets With U Shape

With the selection of the right cupboard model, it will certainly add to the aesthetic value of your interior. Well, this one cupboard is not so far from the previous cupboard, only this cabinet is made with the U model. For those of you who like smart minimalist cabinets, we recommend this one cupboard shape.

How, the inside of this closet is so indulgent to the eye, right? Besides being versatile, its modern, practical and minimalist design will make you eager to organize and organize your various equipment.

Well, now the wardrobe appears more contemporary. Which cupboard is your favorite?
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