7 Scandinavian-style Living Room Design Inspirations

7 Scandinavian-style Living Room Design Inspirations
Rabu, 08 Mei 2019

7 Scandinavian-style Living Room Design Inspirations - Back to Nature is a trend of urban lifestyle that is rife today. It affects the development of living room design which leads to an environmentally friendly concept. One of the most popular in recent years is Scandinavian style. Although originating from Northern European countries with cold climates, such as Sweden, Norway and Denmark, the minimalist and modern features displayed in Scandinavian styles can also be applied in tropical countries, such as Indonesia.

The Scandinavian living room design has 6 principles that are inspired by the background of society and natural conditions in the countries of Northern Europe, including nature, color, multifunction, lighting, innovation, and humanistic. Well, if you have a house or small rooms, these 6 principles are very suitable to be applied to your living room. Make sure your living room looks beautiful and fresh through the following 7 inspirational designs.


"The less, the more maximum". The concept is one of the main characteristics of the Scandinavian living room design. Its application is shown through the use of shelves and cabinets for a variety of storage, so that it can reduce furniture that does not function optimally. The organized placement is intended so that the room looks neat and visually attractive, and avoids a narrow and irregular living room.

Indoor Plants

The dominance of neutral colors in the design of the living room needs to be balanced with a touch of contrast. Our professionals work around this by adding some brightly colored indoor plants, such as green, red, or purple, so that it gives a natural and refreshing impression.

Heating Accessories

As countries with cold climates, the use of accessories such as sofa cushions and fleece is the hallmark of other Scandinavian living room designs. Besides functioning to warm and provide comfort, the accessories chosen by our professionals also serve to add an artistic touch to the design of the living room as a whole, so that it looks attractive and elegant.

Maximum lighting

One important element in Scandinavian style is natural lighting. As a region that has a long winter, the sun's rays during summer are utilized to the maximum extent possible by using wide openings. This aims to facilitate the circulation of air and light entering the room. In addition, the characteristic inherent in Scandinavian style is a blend of visually appealing functions and aesthetics. This feature is presented by our professionals in the form of placement of a living room facing directly to the front of the house.

Function and Aesthetics

The combination of function and aesthetics is a characteristic of Scandinavian living room design that makes it iconic. Seen in the use of furniture, such as sofas and table chairs, with a simple design. This is intended to bring an atmosphere that brings us back to the mid-century era. Even so, the modern impression still feels strong. Our professionals show it through artistic use of colors and decorations.


Wood is a limited natural resource in Scandinavia, so it needs to be utilized as much as possible. Simple wooden floor decoration is one of the characteristics that makes this style charming. The use of natural and neutral colors such as white on wood floors is useful for maximum lighting throughout the room and makes it look wider. In addition, wood that is warm and comfortable, can also be used to overcome excessive cold weather.

Neutral Color

The use of white that dominates the entire room is useful for reflecting the sun's natural light which is confined to cold regions. However, our professionals give different touches through gray. This is because neutral colors can give a neat, clean impression and create a calming atmosphere. In terms of aesthetics, neutral colors also function as the right background for artistic decorations.
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