7 Ways to Apply Feng Shui Bedrooms for Quality Rest

7 Ways to Apply Feng Shui Bedrooms for Quality Rest
Rabu, 08 Mei 2019

7 Ways to Apply Feng Shui Bedrooms for Quality Rest - Do you realize if the days always start and end in bed? No matter the busy working days or when the weekend arrives, the bedroom becomes the starting point and finish. So the comfort of the bedroom is so important for all residents of the house. The comfortably arranged bedrooms will improve the quality of the occupants' rest. This condition can be created, one of which is by applying bedroom fengshui in several ways.

1. Ensure Air Circulation Is Always Awake

As narrow as anything, a room will feel more relieved if the air circulation flows well. You can even have difficulty breathing or moving when the air in the room cannot get in and out freely.

A practical solution to overcome this problem is to install an air purifier or use aromatherapy as needed. If your break room has a window, make sure to open it as often as possible so that fresh air can enter. It is better to avoid putting ornamental plants in the room. This is not recommended, unless your room has a wide dimension, so that the placement of plants can be as far as possible from the bed.

2. Give sufficient lighting

The lighting element is one of the most important of each room, including the bedroom. Aside from being a source of energy, light is also a symbol of strength. If so, then the best lighting should come from the biggest energy source, the sun. But still, you will still need lighting when the sun goes down.

Use several light sources with different brightness levels. Lights can be a temporary substitute for sunlight. Candlelight makes the atmosphere of the room more intimate and soothing.

3. Place the Bed in the Place That Should Be

At least there are 3 things that need to be considered about the position of the bed. First, the position of the bed should not be facing the door of the room. You should even put the bed in the farthest position from the door.

Furthermore, the bed should be in a place that is easily accessible from various sides. Then you can place the table on the right and left side of the bed.

While the latter is a matter of material selection. Choose a soft mattress, and soft linen and pillowcases. Bed headboards should also be solid and made of quality material. These items serve to increase comfort and feeling safe for anyone who rests in bed.

4. Determine Color Options

Determine color choices, including wall colors, furniture accents, bed covers, and other knick-knacks. Wall coloring is generally recommended to use soft, soothing colors. But the best color according to Fengshui is to resemble the color of human skin.

Of course human skin varies, from pale white to dark brown. Choose one, then adjust it with the furniture and accessories. Decorators usually use the color of the wall and the same mattress or bed cover. While other items, such as beds, cabinets, dressers, etc., use dark colors that are still in line.

5. Be careful with Room Decoration

If you are a fan of art, avoid putting up art works carelessly in the bedroom. Art works can bring certain energy and cause certain side effects.

Choose paintings or other decorative arts that feature themes of heartfelt joy, beauty, something that is developing, energetic, full of love and intimacy, or things that are soothing. Installation of ornaments that contain elements of pairing are also widely recommended for bedrooms.

6. Reducing Electromagnetic Fields

This one bedroom fengshui points are related to all electronic devices. Especially those that produce electromagnetic radiation, such as televisions, smartphones, laptops, or fitness equipment. These devices spread negative energy in the room. The impact is quite significant, can reduce concentration to cause stress.

The bedroom has a main function as a place to rest. Even though you may want to do a lot of activities there, the main function should not be lost. The energy of an electronic device keeps the mind busy, making it difficult to find peace in rest.

7. Creating Secure Privacy & Perception

You will not feel at home in a dirty and messy room. Also in a room that is always open and without clear boundaries. If the condition of your bedroom is like this, it is truly impossible to reach comfort in resting.

Keep your bedroom clean, or at least neatly organized. Make sure there are no clothes or unnecessary objects scattered about. Near the break, close the doors of the room. Both the main door, closet door, drawers, and bathroom door if it is located in a sleeping room.

This method can keep energy deposited in the room for you to absorb when sleeping. That way, your health is maintained, a harmonious relationship with your partner will be created.
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