8 Fantastic Bathroom Designs that Will Bring You Closer to Nature

8 Fantastic Bathroom Designs that Will Bring You Closer to Nature
Rabu, 08 Mei 2019

8 Fantastic Bathroom Designs that Will Bring You Closer to Nature - It is not uncommon for us to underestimate the design of a bathroom when designing or building a house and not paying enough attention when designing it. In fact, bathing activities are a crucial activity in our lives. Through this activity, we refresh our bodies after being busy from our series of activities. Therefore, it can be said that the process of activities in the bathroom is an essential activity in our lives. Thus, for an essential activity a well-designed room is needed.

Apart from being seen from the side of activities, other important requirements for the bathroom space are clean and hygienic. One of the most natural and easy and inexpensive ways to achieve this goal is to bring the bathroom closer to nature, especially sunlight which can help the germ killing process in the bathroom. Besides being able to help maintain cleanliness, closeness to nature will also have a positive psychological effect on our minds. Therefore, this idea book will focus on bathroom design that draws us closer to nature, so the process of bathing activities that is refreshing does not only focus on the body but also has a positive effect on the spiritual side.

1. Bathroom with View

What a dream bathroom where we can enjoy our bath time with fresh and green natural scenery. The use of natural stone material certainly also helps bring us closer to nature. Coupled with the addition of steps or split levels, it really makes us feel like a king or queen.

2. Open Bathroom

A villa in Lampung, Sumatra, by Alexander and Philips bravely opens a direct connection with nature. There is no limit between the inner and outer space of this design. What a fantastic bathroom design.

3. Create Your Own View

Don't be confused if your house is not located in the mountains or seafront, you can always create your own view in a unique way. One example is the project above that created a zen garden in the bathroom area. A design that can bring peace of mind when you are in it.

4. Bathroom Design with View that also Maintain Privacy

Doubt about the privacy aspect to open your bathroom? Proximity to nature does not always have to be in the bath tub or shower area. The sink area with openings that are not too large can also have the effect of being close to nature. Other smart tips for adding closeness to nature can be done by choosing natural materials, such as exposed concrete or clay, as shown above.

5. Vertical Openings for Light on the Wall

For bathrooms with a limited area, try to give priority to natural light. Because the effects obtained in the room will be completely different. One example is the project above, where the openings are only in the form of vertical openings that are not too large, but with the light coming in, the room becomes very bright and shining.

6. Horizontal Openings on the Wall

Another alternative to the shape of openings other than vertical is horizontally elongated. And the effects that occur are certainly no less interesting. Another clever idea that we can learn here is that a natural stone can also be a very attractive sink! Really smart.

7. Openings in the Sky

Another idea to put light into the room is to give openings to the bathroom ceiling. This idea not only provides full privacy to users of space, but also makes us feel bathed in water and light. A space experience that is certainly very extraordinary.

8. Bringing Nature Into Space

In addition to various ideas for opening bathroom space to nature, of course we can also consider the opposite idea, namely to bring nature into the room. For example like the above project that looks very interesting and extraordinary!

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