Apartment Design Inspiration for Easy-to-Clean Apartments

Apartment Design Inspiration for Easy-to-Clean Apartments
Rabu, 08 Mei 2019
Apartment Design Inspiration for Easy-to-Clean Apartments - Studio apartments can be alternative residential choices in big cities. If you still live alone or just have a small family, having an apartment studio can meet your daily space needs. One of the advantages of an apartment studio is that you can design it in such a way, according to your character and preferences.

Examples are like apartment studios designed by our professionals, INTERNODEC, in Surabaya. This apartment studio is designed according to the owner's request and truly reflects his personality. In addition, our professionals managed to conjure up this apartment into an apartment studio that was easy to clean. Curious about what the design is? Come on, see the article below!

Studio apartment plan

The apartment studio utilizes one open space that functions as a room, family room and kitchen at once. Because there is only one room, the layout of the furniture must be taken care of. Our professionals make designs with simple concepts and arrangement in such a way that the apartment is easier to clean.

That is, the apartment can be occupied comfortably when there are families and children who come to visit. With a budget of around 65 million rupiah, you can get this smart design, including with a water heater, accessories, and electronic devices. You just have to enjoy it with family and friends!

Bedroom with wood shades

The bedroom in the apartment studio is made by using more wood elements to add a comfortable impression. In addition, the combination of earthy colors also makes the atmosphere in the room feel warm. With linear line details on the headboard, this room looks more modern and geometric.

The rooms are compactly designed by paying attention to the furniture layout in order to maximize the available space. This bedroom is equipped with a work desk facing the window so that a fresh atmosphere when working can be obtained. Windows can also be natural lighting that adds to the warmth of the room.

Kitchen area with harmonious nuances

The kitchen area is designed in such a way as to add a lot of wood elements and neutral colors to align with the overall design and color pattern of the apartment. With many compartments, cabinets in this kitchen area can hold lots of kitchen utensils safely so that the apartment always looks neat.

Maximize the space on the wall

This apartment studio is also equipped with a large mirror to add to the spacious impression of the room. Due to space limitations, our professionals use intelligent techniques to maximize the space on the wall by adding shelves, plant accessories, and TV to the empty wall.
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