Futuristic Themed Interior of Recycled Materials

Futuristic Themed Interior of Recycled Materials
Rabu, 08 Mei 2019
Futuristic Themed Interior of Recycled Materials - A futuristic and environmentally friendly residence is sure to be a dream of millennials. Especially through the use of various recycled materials that are converted into functional furniture. It only requires a little tenacity and imagination to make it happen.

But when you don't have time to spare, just leave everything to the interior and professional decorator. Powl Studio, our professional interior and decorator in Bandung, offers a large selection of recycled furniture for your residence.

Additional Item Options: Reborn Audio Chair

Reborn Audio Chair will be the most favorite casual vehicle in the future. Silver frame made of metal, with additional accessories in the form of a flexible layer of choice.

Audio boxes are increasingly complementary, as well as being the main feature of this modern seating. Plywood is used as a 'home' from a set of loudspeakers and becomes a vibration damper.

While the sounds will be exposed from a set of loudspeakers that have a wide frequency range. Perfect to accompany quiet moments full of privacy in the room.

Side Table

Empty corners are too dear if left without function. Instead of just putting up ornaments or artwork, why not put multifunctional furniture?

Powl Studio embodies its futuristic innovation, this time through the Side Table, a compact round table. Right to fill the void of the corner of the room along with the placement of Reborn Audio Chair.

The Side Table wall is made of modern patterned metal plate material. While the table roof material you can choose yourself, between teakwood and metal. Its uniqueness lies in the wall of the table which is divided into 3 levels. Where each level has separate compartments. Of course you can use it as needed.

Improve the Function of the Bedroom

Starting from the most private part of the house. The bedroom is the most important element of a dwelling. Remodeling in this room can trigger significant changes to your person.

To fill empty corners in the room, Reborn Audio Chair and Side Table from Powl Studio can be your choice. Both have unique features and functions that you won't find anywhere.

Empty corners can be a place to relax and reflect. Sit sweetly on a futuristic chair while listening to your favorite music or podcast. While warm drinks to accompany your activities are presented on the Multifunctional Table Side Table.

Decorative walls on the walls are still dominated by metal. White and silver are the main themes, making the whole room look brighter. These colors can symbolize bright hope will occur in the future.

Recycled Furniture in the Living Room

The touch of recycled material also penetrates the living room. Although only as a complement, the presence of chairs and modern themed tables can change the overall feel of this room.

The sofa stays in its original position. Glass tables can be replaced with new items, or old tables that are specially modified with metal touches. The stainless steel table stand, which seems stiff, has been replaced by a new frame with a global, futuristic theme.

Likewise ordinary crystals dominate the lamp frame. Replaced a series made from recycled metal, still in the same color and motif. While the Reborn Audio Chair and rotary Side Table provide territorial options for homeowners when receiving guest visits.

Futuristic Touch in the Dining Room

Not to forget, dining room decorations can also be slightly altered through the addition of recycled knick-knacks. Like at the living room table, the change was made on the dining table frame. If the original table frame is normal, recycled metal will bring the impression of being stronger and more aesthetic.

Modern Residential with Multifunctional Furniture

Modern multifunctional furniture from Powl Studio is not only suitable for conventional housing. You can also apply it to the apartment.

Apartments are generally deliberately designed compact, in order to utilize the dimensions of the room as effectively as possible. The interior arrangement and decoration of the apartment also uses modern accents, nuanced similar to the theme of the furniture offered by Powl Studio. So you don't need to think hard if you want to place these recycled furniture items in the apartment.

Modern Furniture in the Work Room

The addition of benches along with modern futuristic themed tables is also a refresher solution for office space. Employee rooms, managerial officials' rooms, to meeting rooms, places where ideas and ideas will stick out. So the workplace will be more like a headquarters. Covers the creativity of professionals in innovating and preparing the most appropriate execution. Of course for the sake of success aspired in the future.
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