Soothing Touch of Designer Interior from Bandung

Soothing Touch of Designer Interior from Bandung
Rabu, 08 Mei 2019
Soothing Touch of Designer Interior from Bandung - As a place to rest and place to move, the interior design of a residence certainly greatly affects the mood of the owner. Therefore, when building a house, make sure you already have the interior design concept that you want. Then what is equally important is choosing a professional interior designer who is competent to be able to realize your concept.

For those of you who want to build a house and look for an interior designer, you don't need to worry, because you are reading the right article. Especially for those of you who live in Bandung and its surroundings (including Jakarta), you can use the services of Maxx Details, which is one of the reliable Homify professionals in the field of interior designers and decorators.

With Maxx Details, any interior concept can be realized. They can even help design certain furniture that is not sold on the market, so only you have it. As the name implies, Maxx Details is very thorough in fulfilling all your desires and needs related to interior design so that everything you need can be realized.

Maxx Details has years of experience dealing with various interior designs from clients, both for personal needs and for commercial space. From making design concepts, to furniture manufacturing and installation, trust Maxx Details. Intrigued by their work? Let's look at the interior design of the Pinus Agency Bandung below.

Unique Lamp Decoration

Entering the family room, we will be greeted with soothing shades of light gray. On the right wall is a slight touch of random white lines, making this side different from the others. Placement of koi fish with different color shades is also very fitting, giving freshness to this room.

Various furniture is also chosen with matching colors with the walls, namely white to dark gray. The layout of the furniture was designed simple and minimalist, matching the modern trends of today. But what's interesting about this area is the design of the chandelier in the middle of the family room. The shape is unique, resembling pine fruit, according to the name of this building, the Pinus Agency.

Super Minimalist Kitchen Area

Continue to step into the kitchen area and dining area, we can see the genius room arrangement. Cooking area, food storage and cleaning area are compacted on one side. Every corner is used to make cabinets, starting from the bottom to the top of the cooking area. So there is not much kitchen furniture lying outside, because there is enough cupboard to store all the items. The kitchen became clean and looked relieved.

What is quite special is the dining area that utilizes a small space beside the kitchen. The dining table is designed to attach to the dividing wall between the family room and the kitchen room. Maxx Details really understand that the eating area does not need to be too wide, but still enough to be able to relax and enjoy cooked dishes.

Simple kitchen furniture is installed with a choice of light gray, matching the color in the family room. Effective and efficient room arrangement, and the selection of light gray colors make this area feel spacious and comfortable.

Use of a Genius Staircase

Seeing the kitchen from another angle, it can be seen that the area for cooking and storing kitchen furniture as well as food is designed by utilizing the space under the stairs. Of course this is a very smart kitchen interior design. Every corner under the stairs is utilized as much as possible, without gaps.

No wonder the occupancy with a limited area does not feel cramped at all, on the contrary, feels spacious and spacious so that its inhabitants are free to move. Mounting a wide mirror on the wall next to the refrigerator also contributes to the broad impression gained in this area.

In the area of ​​the stair wall deliberately installed a wall with a different motif, but still gives the impression of cool. Brown color with diamond and line motifs is chosen to give the impression of this room wide upwards. Railing stairs are also made simple with clear glass, further strengthening the broad impression that is felt in this area. Every corner is designed in detail by Maxx Details, building owners are satisfied and very comfortable occupying this residence. Now it's your turn, let's realize the interior design of your dreams with Maxx Details.
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